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Our Specialized Approach

Vardiman Black is a niche Dental Support Organization (DSO) focused exclusively on building a network of specialty dental practices, specifically the combination of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics under one roof. Our offices have clear competitive advantage and our formula for success is simple. We combine the best providers with superior locations and exceptional business support. We are building group practices in two growing markets, Nashville, TN and Dallas, TX.

“Vardiman Black gives me the future I want. I have all the resources I need to provide exceptional patient care. Their team of experts handles everything else....”


Company Overview

The specialty DSO concept was envisioned by our founder and CEO, Dr. Sabin Ewing, a dually trained pediatric dentist and orthodontist. Dr. Ewing, graduated dental school in 2001, has been a practicing specialist since 2004, has successfully built many specialty offices in the Nashville area. He understands the trends of the dental industry including the rapid expansion of professionally managed dental offices, increasing student debt loads and professionals wanting career flexibility. At Vardiman Black, we know the community dental office with a dentist owner offers the best opportunity for long-term continuous oral health care for a child and the best clinical experience for the doctor. We offer dentists the opportunity to be owners in one or more clinic locations and work with our practice management support team. We want our doctors to do what they do best which is patient care and be relieved of the day-to-day headaches of business operations. We believe integrity, excellence, teamwork, and transparency are the foundational ingredients needed to deliver the best clinical outcomes for our patients and the best career paths for our doctors and staff.

What we Offer:








At Vardiman we invest in and work side by side our dentists every day building dental offices. Ownership is structured as real equity where you are sharing in profits and building long-term value.


We are hand off when it comes to clinical matters. Our doctors do what you do best: diagnose and treat patients, connect with parents, hire and manage clinical staff.


You can start your career with us as an associate dentist and quickly become and owner partner. From there you may want to expand into one or several more locations and build up a team of associates around you. We are here to help make those milestones happen when the time is right.


Vardiman is proud to have business teams and experts in place to support all aspects of business operations so you don’t have to.


We understand that sometimes there is a need for flexibility in building a solid career and a solid family. We look forward to helping you weave your career and your life together by freeing you up from the daily burdens of practice management, so you have more time to use as you see fit. Maybe you want more time with family, or building another office or taking a vacation, the choice is yours.

100% commitment to our practices, patients, doctors, employees and owners!

If our leadership team is improving the lives of everyone in this equation, then we’re doing something right.

Patients experiencing our practices

At Vardiman Black, our cutting-edge practices are truly a step above. We build our offices with the kids and their moms in mind. Our offices are bright, engaging and clinically efficient by design. We select superior retail locations for high visibility, high traffic and convenience. We want it to be easy and fun take a child to the dentist.

Exceptional Business Services

Two Stages of Support

How does Vardiman Black improve the day-to-day operations of an existing dental practice? We’re glad you asked. Our suite of business services is a powerful resource for our dentist partners providing exceptional support at two different stages of practice development: the initial launch of a dental office and managing its ongoing operations and growth. We look forward to working with you!

Here are the details of what we’ll do during each stage:
Practice Development and Launch

RECRUITING DOCTORS – A great practice needs great dentists. We are continually searching for partners and associate doctors to join our team. We recruit through various channels, recruiters, industry events, residencies and on-line resources.

Locating Prime Real Estate – The location of a practice is a critical success factor when it comes to its launch and longer-term development. We evaluate the critical factors when considering a new office location, including population growth, competition, school locations, traffic patterns, and more.

Procuring Equipment/Furniture/ Technology – We’ll handle all vendor management, negotiations, installations, and systems integration by leveraging our proprietary relationships and technology suite.

Staffing Positions/HR – Every dentist needs the support of an excellent staff! We work with the doctor to fill positions and provide training programs. Dedicated resources for HR are also available.

Launching the Office with a Marketing Plan – We’ll determine the best marketing system for each specific practice. We’ll work with the Partner Dentist to launch an optimized program in the community.

Overall Business Setup – We provide a turnkey practice solution so that the doctor can come in day one to focus on patient care.

Operations and Growth

Financial Management – We’ll coordinate with the office management teams to make the payment processes headache-free, including insurance verification and billing, reimbursement, credentialing and optimization of PPO plans, and in-house patient financing.

Doctor Mentoring – Keeping up with the day-to-day demands of a practice can be stressful for new practitioners. We’ll give you all the coaching and information you need to tackle each day’s challenges head-on.

Staffing/Training – Employees can come and go, but Vardiman Black will do everything we can to help you find outstanding clinical and administrative staff who are in it for the long haul. We manage all the details of the HR process, including hiring and development. You choose your staff, we do all the rest.

Ongoing & Internal Marketing – Managing brands successfully is a multifaceted process including both external marketing and internal patient experiences. We’ve got the bases covered from beautiful optimized websites, digital and social media marketing, community involvement, and training staff to provide outstanding in-office patient experiences.

IT Platforms – We will design, build and install a fully integrated IT system for your office including both hardware and software systems. Your IT platform will support digital records, imaging, integrated phone systems, security and entertainment.

Partner with Us

Do you currently own a dental practice? If you do, it’s probably your most valuable asset and not something that’s parted with easily. After all, it’s essential to both protect your investment and maximize your related return. At Vardiman Black, we want to help dentists not only experience an initial financial windfall from a sale, but also enjoy continued success and ownership that grows expands with the Vardiman Black network for many more years to come.

Let’s start a conversation if you are:

An entrepreneurial dentist looking to own or currently owns a practice. Our partnership arrangement enables you to spend more time with your patients and your families leaving the headaches of practice management behind while also retaining the retaining the opportunity to expand into additional locations. Vardiman is seeking the opportunities to partner with like-minded dentists and support you in the achievement of your professional and financial goals.

A transitioning doctor looking to exit your practice now or in the future? Vardiman has a solution and a customized path to maximize the monetization of your practice now while also providing the support system for a smooth transition period protecting your legacy and continuity of patient care.


Why Sell now?

Why is Vardiman Black the right partner?

Join Our Team

At Vardiman Black, creating an excellent work environment is high on our list for all of the practices we manage. After all, a team that loves where they’re at will surely channel those positive feelings into every interaction with patients! That’s why we do everything we can to not only attract the best of the best in our markets but also give them the support they need to thrive day after day.

If you’ve never worked for a dental practice that’s owned by a DSO, we regret to inform you that you’re missing out on some great benefits that just can’t be found at a singular dental office. For instance, are you interested in moving to a new city? If we have one or more practices nearby, it’ll be easy to transfer you into a new role. Our employees appreciate the added flexibility as well, and the multiple locations offer plentiful chances for promotions.

Contact Us

At Vardiman Black, we’re proud to work alongside amazingly talented dentists, dedicated clinical professionals, and a smart business management team so that everyone can do what they do best when it comes to caring for growing smiles. Are you interested in joining a pediatric and orthodontic practice? Do you have an existing practice that would be a great addition to our network? Do you simply have a question for our leadership team? We look forward to hearing from you. Please call us directly or fill out the convenient online form below – someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

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